As we embrace the fresh start that the New Year brings, it’s the perfect time to reorganize and refresh our living spaces. This blog is your go-to guide for decluttering and organizing your home in a way that not only enhances its aesthetics but also boosts your productivity and overall well-being. 

The goal of organizing is to make your home easier to manage. So you can spend more time living the Florida Lifestyle and enjoying your life instead of just cleaning up after it!  We like to focus on clearing the clutter first. Then, organize what’s left. You can organize in a way that’s easy to set up, simple to maintain, and sure to make your home and your life easier to manage! Keep reading for quick tips for organizing your home in the new year so you can keep a clutter-free home from kitchen to attic.

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Getting Organized for the New Year: Tips for Your Home

The New Year is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings, and what better place to begin than in your own home? Organizing for the new year is all about finding ways to make your home function better and be easier to manage. And, in turn, it helps your days run smoother. Organizing your living space can significantly impact your daily life, leading to increased productivity, reduced stress, and a greater sense of control.

Having an organized home in the new year not only helps keep your home tidier and easier to keep tidy. But it also means you’ll save yourself time and stress when you can easily find what you’re looking for when you need it. And easily put things away when you’re done with them so your home stays organized too. Here are some practical tips to help you get your home organized for the New Year:

Organize Your Living Room

At Homes by Deltona, we take pride in offering high quality, affordable single-family homes in Florida. Crafted for beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency, our homes are constructed with the finest materials. Located in the heart of Florida’s stunning landscapes, our communities are designed to embrace all the splendor of the state. Our homes are more than just structures; they’re spaces that unite families. To enhance this experience, we’re sharing some straightforward and effective tips to bring organization and harmony to your family room. Read on to discover quick and easy ways to organize your main living space efficiently and effortlessly! 

  • Keep a little trash can in the room.
  • Create a play zone if you have kids to store their toys in one space.
  • Use cord savers to keep unsightly cords at bay.
  • Take advantage of the space behind the sofa for an organization table.
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  • Clean off all flat surfaces at the end of the day.
  • Keep a “catch-all” basket for things like blankets and extra pillows.
  • Consider furniture that offers storage, like ottomans with compartments or storage tables.

Implementing these simple tips will help your living room feel clutter-free in no time! 

Organize Your Kitchen

Organize your kitchen without even trying with our tips, ideas, and product selections. 

  • Separate your plastic containers into lids and containers.
  • Keep essentials in an easy-to-grab spot.
  • Store your plastic bags in a container, not just a drawer.
  • Clean the fridge and use clear bins.
  • Get a rolling cart for extra storage.
  • Cabinet racks add more space to your cabinets. 
  • Declutter the utensils. You probably have too many!
  • Utilize wall space for open and hanging storage.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any house, so spend a few minutes each day practicing these New Year organization ideas.

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Organize Your Laundry Room

Make quick work of organizing your laundry room with these simple tips and must-have organizers.

  • Use a pull-out ironing board.
  • Fold-down folding tables for the win!
  • Use hooks for the best organization and storage options. 
  • Make the most of cabinets or use baskets on open storage shelves.
  • Get some magnetic storage to make the most of every inch of space! 
  • Clearly labeled boxes, bins, and baskets make it easy to find what you need and maintain order.

The laundry room may not be a place guests often see, but we know that you still want it to be nice and tidy when organizing your whole home. 

Bathroom Organization Ideas

Make the most of your bathroom, regardless of its size, with our solutions for bathroom organization, including the medicine cabinet.

  • Organize the medicine cabinet!
  • Do you really need that many cosmetics and hair products?
  • Fun hanging towel storage!
  • Make use of a good shower caddy!
  • Make sure of the space over your toilet.
  • Keep a trash can and laundry basket in the bathroom.

As with all of the other rooms in your house, these tips will help organize your home in just a few minutes a day. 

Get Your Bedroom Organized

Our organizing tips will lead to better rest in the bedroom — guaranteed! Your bedroom is your oasis, and you should treat it as such! So spend some time tidying up every day and your bedroom will always feel like your favorite space!

  • Under-the-bed storage is the best.
  • Shoe racks in the closet.
  • Make a cute reading corner and organize books there.
  • Remember to make your bed every morning.
  • Pick up all clothes off the floor and make sure they are in the laundry basket!
  • Clean off the nightstands and dressers every day.

With these simple tips, you will keep bedroom clutter to a minimum.

Don’t get discouraged if things go awry. If your New Year organization project doesn’t go the way you hoped it would, you may feel like giving up. But don’t! Not everything is going to be perfect, and you can’t do it all in one day, either. 

Take small steps towards decluttering and organizing for the new year every day, and you will be well on your way to having that tidy living space that you have always wanted.