The debate on whether to buy a house or condo is not one to be taken lightly. Of course, there are pros and cons for each, but this blog covers the best perks of condo living. The team here at Deltona is experienced in helping our neighbors in Ocala, St. Augustine, North Port, Citrus Springs, and Brooksville decide which one is right for them.

Since 1962, the Deltona Corporation has been building new homes and creating some of Florida’s most successful communities throughout the state. We build new homes with the needs of the homeowner at the forefront of our minds. You can find your desired lifestyle in our single-family homes, coach homes, or multi-family homes in Ocala, St. Augustine, or the World Golf Village.

Our communities are centrally located and will accommodate various lifestyles, from suburban life to golf course living – we have the new home that will suit your family’s needs.

The Deltona Corporation, Florida’s Home Builder, prides itself on Bringing Families Home. We offer Quality built new construction homes with affordable pricing — all waiting for you in your perfect location. You may design your new home from the ground up, or, if you need that perfect new home now, Florida’s Home Builder has both new construction and move-in ready homes waiting for you.


If you have a tighter budget or you want to try your hand at homeownership, a condo is often a great first step to adjusting to the lifestyle. And we know affordability is important to the families we serve. That’s why we have something for every budget and every style.

Ideal neighborhoods

Condos are usually built-in safe areas, and they’re normally quiet and calm. Most companies hold events so residents get to know each other.


Most condo associations instill rules to live by in their communities to keep the area clean and the residents happy. These rules keep your neighbors from playing music too loud after a certain hour or bans loud cars in parking lots. Before you sign, read the rules and regulations to ensure it’s a place you’ll live happily.


Many communities usually come with heightened security protocol, which makes them a great area for the retired or elderly. If you plan to live alone or if safety is a large concern to you, condo living might be the route for you to take. You’ll also have the comfort of being close to your neighbors to turn quickly to for help.

Outdoor repairs are not your responsibility

Residents of traditional homes are responsible for all repairs, in or outdoors. In a condominium, the majority of outdoor repairs are the responsibility of the maintenance crew. Roof repairs and even pool cleanings and lawn care are usually included. Instead, use this money to decorate the interior of your condo!


One of the best parts of community living in the number of amenities each area has. Most come with a pool, a gym within walking distance, garages, appliances, and so much more. These are all things you would need to consider when moving into a house, but with a condo, they’re all taken care of for you.

Instant camaraderie

When moving into a condo, you’ll already have an immediate place to make friends, since your neighbors probably have the same or similar interests. It’s a great place to find friends while partaking in endless fun activities created just for residents.

Should you have any questions about anything related to condos, contact us and speak with a friendly staff member, or visit our website. We hope these perks our ours help you decide whether a condo is right for you. We’re ready to assist you in finding the right move-in ready home!